An Update….

In Development, General by Req

I haven’t been able to update the site in a bit so I wanted to update those of you keeping up with development.

The past month or so has been somewhat rough for me on a personal level. I started online classes at the beginning of May and it’s taken me a bit of time to acclimate to that and working full time. My day-to-day is starting to normalize. I’ve been working on the game through it and will have an article about Mantras out soon. They are the various Cultivation methods and also provide access to techniques and insights (the growth mechanic of the game). My primary focus at the moment is putting together the first Playtest packet This packet will have several pre-gen cultivators, an introductory Legend (this is what adventures are called in the SoD RPG), and the rules to run those cultivators through the Legend, while teaching and hitting the main mechanics of the rules. I’m looking forward to getting this out as soon as I can.

You can either keep checking back here and/or follow me on Twitter (@RequiemMachine) for updates on new articles or when the first playtest is available!

I also want to thank you guys for the interest you’ve shown in my project here, it means a lot to me.