Prime Traits: Affiliations

In Development, Mechanics by Req

When creating the character traits for the Sands of Destiny Roleplaying Game, I wanted a character’s ability to function within the context of the different worlds to be of importance.  For the third Prime Trait set, I decided that Affiliations fit really well with that intent.

In the Sands of Destiny setting, there are essentially three different worlds that basically co-exist in the same space. They’re not literal worlds, of course (although the setting does extend beyond the primary planet of Pan’Ku).  The worlds, in this context, are microcosms or ecosystems that co-exist but are largely independent of each other.  So, this post is going to dive into these Affiliations a bit.

The Mortal World
This is the most mundane of the worlds. Its the one that we, as players/GMs, are most familiar with. Mortals are born, they go through childhood, they branch out on their own and work and live until they eventually pass on. Mortal cultures have varying degrees of knowledge of the other worlds. Some see the other worlds as myths and legends, while others fear or worship those from the other worlds.

The Mortal world encompasses the mortal empires, kingdoms, and conclaves that make up the general population of the Pan’ku.  This Affiliation represents the character’s familiarity with mortal life, their knowledge of mortal cultures and their understanding mortals in general.

Generally, Sublime and Graven Immortals start their lives as Mortals and will generally be the most familiar with the Mortal world.

The Immortal Demesne
Overlaying the world of the Mortals is the Immortal Demesne, the society of those of the Path of the Immortal. While the Mortal world is ruled by Empires, kingdoms and nations, the Immortal world is ruled by the Clans, Sects and Schools.  The Immortal Demesne is a harsh and ruthless society where cultivators tend to see anyone other than they’re compatriots as threats to their own evolution. Violence and competition amongst Immortals is commonplace, and in some ways encouraged.  The Immortals tend to overlook and ignore the Mortal world, for the most part.

This Affiliation represents the characters familiarity with the various organizations of the Immortal Demesne and how Immortal Society functions. It is the core understand of what the Immortal life entails.

Sublime Immortals are generally the least familiar with the Immortal Demesne, as they often do not start the Path of the Immortal with any sort of guidance.

The Cosmic Expanse
There are even greater powers beyond those of the Immortals, a vast multiverse. Beyond the Mortal World and the Immortal Demesne lay the purview of the spirits and gods. There is a whole universe beyond the lands of the world of Pan’ku and there are various planes of existence as well. 

The Cosmic Expanse represents the character’s knowledge and familiarity with the metaphysical realms and the cosmic spaces beyond.  Interacting with spirits and god-like entities all fall within this Affiliation.

The most verse Immortals in the Cosmic Expanse tend to be the oldest like Primogen and Element Immortals. These two Immortal types can somewhat be seen as having a foot in both the Immortal Demesne and the Cosmic Expanse.