The Creation of the World

In Lore by jhamilton

In the beginning there was only formless chaos. Over the course of eighteen thousands years, the chaos began to coalesce into a great cosmic egg.The opposing principles of Yin and Yang began to form a perfect balance within this egg and the great Primordial known as Pan’ku emerged.

Upon his awakening, Pan’ku set about the goal of creating the world. His first task was to create the great pillars that would become the foundation of existence. From his body he drew forth the flow of Essence and by his mighty axe it was cut into five elements: crimson fire of his presence, golden earth of his genius, silver metal of his focus, azure water of his perception, and the emerald wood of his vigor. From these elements he crafted the Pillars of Divinity. The second task set his divine axe to work separating Yin from Yang and with but a single swing of its blade it was done. The Yin became the ground upon which he set his five pillars. Yang became the sky which he struggled to raise for eighteen thousand years before it finally rested upon those pillars.

After those eighteen thousand years of lifting the sky, Pan’ku was exhausted and fatigued. He laid down between the ground and sky and fell into an eternal slumber. Within the formless chaos another Primordial came forth, the great hungering void that would become the Daemondarke. This dark entity was formed from a potent imbalance of Yin and Yang. It slithered up to the sleeping Pan’ku and stabbed him in the heart with its vile clawed hand.

As Pan’ku died, his left eye flared with brilliant golden light and became the sun, while his left eye turned luminescent and pale, becoming the moon. Where his body lay, ridges and mountains were formed and his blood flowed forth to create the lakes and rivers. The muscles of his body gave birth to fertile lands and his hair became the forests and fauna. His bones became the source of valuable minerals of all kinds and their marrow formed into flawless diamonds. The death cry of his resounding voice became the thunder that shook the ground as the sweat from his brow fell as rain. With is final breathe the Primordial Breath Incantation was unleashed, engraving his secrets of immortality into the the cosmos.