The Journey Begins…

In Development, General by Req

It was late 2005 and I stumbled across a DVD called Zu Warriors at a local Best Buy. It was a film out of China by directed name Tsui Hark. The cover caught my interest right away with the phrase “Master the Sword, Rule the Universe.” I was sold. I bought it immediately and went home to watch it.

I had already been a fan of Kung Fu movies for a long time, but Zu Warriors was something different. It was Epic in scope. The character’s were Immortals high above the mortal realms and they held the power to destroy mountains with a swipe of a sword. Now, I had already read the Journey to the West, which is a classic epic tale of Chinese Myth, however, Zu Warriors was a visual medium and the special effects were actually pretty good. It lead me to find translations of Chinese Xianxia novels on the internet. The seed of The Sands of Destiny began to form.

In addition to Fantastical Wuxia and Xianxia fiction, I’ve always been a fan of ancient mythology. The Ancient Mythologies that most interested me were those of China, Egypt and India. The myths and legends of these three cultures have always fascinated me to no end. They’ve also influenced the universe I’ve been developing with the Sands of Destiny.

I’ve been writing aspects of these setting for a long time and have notebooks of ideas, concepts and entries define it. I’ve even attempted to translate the setting into playable for using several table top RPG systems. None of the systems I used ever really felt right for the setting, however.

Then I found Cortex Prime. I had seen previous iterations of the Cortex system, however, I never really had much interest in the games released under it. Then the maker’s of DnD Beyond bought the system and released a new version of the system handbook and I checked it out….and fell in love with how the system worked. Just like I knew what kind of world I wanted to play in when I originally saw Zu Warriors back in the day, I immediately knew Cortex Prime was the system that would allow me to do that.

That’s how we got to here.