The Shangdi

In Lore by Req

The Shangdi and the Darkness
The world continued on long past the time when Pan’ku drew his last breath. Over eighteen thousand years, the Daemondarke transformed the paradise into a hell and stirred the essence of Pan’ku in the process. The Shangdi formed from the three aspects of the former Pan’ku’s essense– might, spirit, and will. Pan’ku’s might became the Dragon Sage, his soul became the Spirit Sage, and his mind became the Sovereign Sage. The three sages of the Shangdi began their journey across the world, seeking to set things right.

The trip into the heart of darkness led the Shangdi through a gauntlet of abominations and vile creatures. At every turn their hearts sank with the depravity and horror they saw forced upon the world. Every step of the journey was a battle, yet Many minions of the Daemondarke fell to the might of the Shangdi.

After many years of unrelenting struggle, the tide gave way to the court of the Dark Soul, himself. The Shangdi stood tall against the master of the Daemondarke. While the dark lord towered above them on his thrown of obsidian, the Shangi did not waver. They demanded that the Daemondarke leave the world so that it might return to its natural state of paradise. The Dark Soul raged against them claiming the world was his to do with as he wished. From the darkness, the Dark Souls five warlords stepped forward- War, Famine, Pestilence, Death, and Despair. Outnumbered, the Shangdi were defeated and they retreated to the five pillars from whence they came.

The Shangdi
The Shangdi are the highest ranking of all deities, underneath the Primordials. They are the remnants of the primordial, Pan’ku. They form a triumverate of Pan’ku’s original power. They would go on to create the Five Ministers, who are the deities that were most visible to the Immortals.

The Sovereign Sage: The Sovereign Sage formed from what was original the mind and personality of Pan’ku. They are the Ruler of the Heavens and Commander of the Armies of Heaven. They were the wisest of the siblings that make up the Shangdi.

The Dragon Sage: The Dragon Sage is the vestige of Pan’ku’s physical body and might. They devised the Martial Path, a doctrine of physical skill and martial might that leads towards perfection of the self. While they is completely loyal to their siblings within the Shangdi, they is overtly self-assured and viscous in combat.

The Spirit Sage: The Spirit Sage is the manifestation of Pan’ku’s spirit. While the Dragon Sage created the Martial Path, the Spirit Sage is responsible the creation of the Mystic Path, a means of spiritual enlightenment. The Spirit Sage is soft spoken and reserved, preferring to work from behind the scenes or through intermediaries when possible.