In a universe of fantasy and myth exists the crucible planet of Pan'ku. Scarred by the aftermath of an ancient war between Gods and Immortals, danger, power, and secrets lay buried beneath the sands of its past. The shores of this world are the birthplace of Immortality and have bore many legends. You will become one of these legends as you Awaken the Immortal spark within you and walk the Path of the Immortal.

The Sands of Destiny Role Playing Game is an in-development Built on Mythos Game inspired by Cultivation Fantasy Novels and Ancient Mythologies set in an original Fantasy universe. As a player, your character will be able to cultivate mystical powers while uncovering artifacts, disciplines, and legacies of the past. You'll overcome Tribulations and threats, both big and small, along your path. Eventually, you may attain transcendence and step beyond the sands of the world, into the Cosmos. 


The Sands of Destiny Roleplaying game and the Mythos RPG System are copyright by Jerry Hamilton.